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Ralph Sweet, Dance Caller

Ralph started square dancing in 1945, and has been calling and teaching square and contra dancing since 1948. Ralph can make your square dance party fun for everyone, whether they are beginners or experienced. He also calls at many "open" square and contra dances in the CT/Western MA area, besides at his own Powder Mill Barn in Hazardville, CT.

Ralph's has also published a Singing Squares CD, and music book for fifers.

He also makes wooden folk flutes and whistles (primarily for players of Irish music) at www.sweetheartflute.com in the workshop next to the barn.

Join Ralph's fan page on facebook: Ralph Sweet Dance Caller

Read Bob Brundage interview of Ralph Sweet for Square Dance Foundation of New England. A wonderful history of how Ralph learned square dancing, calling and contra dancing.

Video: Square dance at Ralph Sweet's Powdermill barn on his 80th birthday... 5/17/09 -




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