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Modern Western Square Dancing (MWSD)

South Windsor Square Dance Club

Modern Western Square Dancing can be found everywhere in the USA, Canada, and many other countries, notably Germany and Japan. It's a great way to exercise both mind and body, and meet many interesting friendly people.

The club at the Powder Mill Barn is the South Windsor Square Dance Club (SWSDC) and one of the most welcoming. Singles, married (or other) couples, - all are welcome

Lessons are required, but the lessons are just as much fun as the dances. Lessons of the South Windsor Square Dance Club are in East Hartford this season, but if it is too late for you to start this series of lessons, you might like to try Contra Dance or Traditional Square Dancing  ( no lessons required) - and join the next modern Western Class, and meanwhile, get acquainted with some of the members of the SWSDC who come to the contra dances here at the Powder Mill Barn.

Powder Mill Barn
32 South Maple Street
Enfield, CT 06082