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Irish Flutes

Sale - Used - Antique - Rare

A selection from our collection of antique and used flutes for sale. Feel free to make an offer on any of these instruments.
Please call or email for more nformation or availability, and refer to item number in your correspondence.

#432 Antique: ARTLEY #330557, Model 4-0 Silver flute with B foot, completely overhauled. A really fine open-hole French model with gorgeous tone, nice firm low register. $975 Add to Cart
#433 Armstrong S/N 90R4937 Sterling body and head only $400 Add to Cart
#01 Antique: George Cloos Full-size cocus wood flute in Eb, with Boehm-style bore, but covered holes (to Low C) to play with simple system 8-key flute fingering. Post mounted nickel keys, some on rods. Needs repadding, 1 minor crack. S/N 3472. $1500 Add to Cart
#47 Anon. flute in F, looks like Asa Hopkins’s design, judging by the turned-on rings and key. Key appears to be for “E” rather than F#; cap on head replaced with imitation ivory. Slightly curved, as can be typical of boxwood. 1 small crack, filled. $295 Add to Cart
several Student flutes which are restored and ready to go to the lucky beginner. $275
- 350
call for pricing
FIFES ("BAND FLUTES" in England and Ireland)
#15 Geo Cloos Fife in D,  conical bore, blackwood, case, Nickel silver trim $175 Add to Cart
#04 Geo. Cloos Bb Fife,  conical bore, with D# key,  Head joint may be replacement from another fife $95 Add to Cart
#07 Band Flute, Bb, anon. 1 block mtd D# key  good condition, End cap damaged $70 Add to Cart
#23 CROSBY Bb Fife, long nickel ferrules somewhat pitted,, cracks repaired, plays very easily up to D4. Note: This is NOT a “Cloos-Crosby model” ; It’s an actual Walter Crosby. Crosby was Geo. Cloos’s master, when Cloos apprenticed under him. Cloos eventually formed his own company in 1862. Judging by the size and neatness of the letters, this is probably a later Crosby, the earlier ones being stamped “CROSBY” with the letters about twice the height, and in a straight line across. $250 Add to Cart
#02 Geo Cloos Piccolo, conical bore, marked “Eb, LP”, but about 45 cents flat. Will nicely play in D, if pulled out ¼”. Covered holes to match flute above, with normal simple system 6-key fingering. S/N 6900. Upper ring missing from barrel; no cracks, needs repadding, nice case, including grease container, and a tiny 1.5” harmonica by Johann Schunk! $350 Add to Cart
#13 Nach Meyer Hannover piccolo in Eb, celluloid head, case,  no cracks $95 Add to Cart
#18 Modern Armstrong piccolo in Db (Eb to you Folk and Irish musicians) S/N 30711 Playable, but needs a lot of polishing. $400 Add to Cart
#45 Clarinet in C,  boxwood and Ivory, 5 brass keys, complete, anon. filled crack in upper body $495 Add to Cart
#255 Low D Whistle/flute: FIRTH, HALL & POND FRANKLYN SQUARE, N. YORK. 6 silver keys, Ivory cap, 5 ivory rings , Recorder type windway. Under the cap, the air stream is re-routed to a side mouthpiece so player can hold it transversely, but blow through the mouthpiece. Needs work – a few minor cracks. One of a kind? A special order? Worlds first Low D keyed whistle? $950 Add to Cart


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