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Irish Flutes

Flute & Whistle Sheet Music & CDs

DVD  Learn to Play Irish Tinwhistle  by L. E. McCullough
60 minutes.  From beginner to advanced levels.  Ornamentation includes slides, cuts, rolls, and much else.  Five tunes are taught  in simple form,  then with easy, then moving into advanced ornamentation. L. E. has recorded on 27 albums,  won whistle championships in Ireland and the USA, also has other  instructional material published by www.homespuntapes.com.

Learn to Play Irish Tinwhistle DVD
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Learn to Play Irish Tinwhistle

NEW! Shindig In The Barn: Singing Squares by Ralph Sweet’s All-Stars
Newly recorded live at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, MA. Music by the finest contra/square dance musicians in New England. Ralph calls 12 of his most popular singing squares.

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Shindig in the Barn CD

Pennywhistle:  First Lesson with Ryan Thomson

This first lesson is designed for beginners with little or no experience with pennywhistle or any other woodwind instrument - playing.  No music reading ability is required.   "Pennywhistle"  or "tin whistle"  are different names for the same instrument and one in the key of "D" is required for this course.  Ryan patiently teaches a basic scale and several celtic tunes, including a waltz,  hornpipe,  reel,  a march, and polka.  The basics of fingering and breathing are carefully explained and demonstrated.

Pennywhistle:  First Lesson with Ryan Thomson DVD

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Pennywhistle: first Lesson with Ryan

Celtic Wooden Flute, First Lesson, with Ryan Thomson

Ryan Thomson demonstrates breathing and fingering techniques for those new to celtic flute, including both beginners and those with experience in other styles of flute playing (classical, metal flute, etc.) A wooden flute(keyless or keyed) in the standard key of D is required. Simple scales and ornaments in two octaves are taught along with 5 celtic (Irish) tunes in all of the major dance styles: jig, reel, hornpipe, slide, and polka. The DVD is 40 minutes long, ISBN 0-931877-55-5

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Celtic Wooden Flute - Thomson