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Irish Flutes

Fifes - Band Flutes - Small Folk Flutes

In the USA, these small folk flutes would usually be called "Fifes", but in the British Isles, Ireland, and much of Europe, just "Band Flutes", or small Folk Flutes. In Southern France, in the Bordeaux - Garonne region, they are called "Fifres". LOTS of Fifing and drumming there.

Professional Model Fifes in Solid Wood!

Professional Fifes from Sweetheart

Our newest model High D fifes in solid rosewood or blackwood, with brass ring to reinforce the socket

Professional Model Fifes in solid wood

Sweetheart Fife SampleProfessional Pennywhistle Sample
  • "The Bay of Fundy," played by Walt Sweet
  • "Aura Lee" all parts played by Walt Sweet

Each of these fifes has a very strong, pleasing tone quality while giving more control over the notes in the upper end of the second octave.  This added performance is due to the new geometry in cutting the embouchure hole. 

The WD Sweet Model is made of a durable polymer; parts interchange with the new pennywhistle, sliding on an internal o-ring. 

The Pro models,  both blackwood and rosewood, have an internal cork joint; these are also available in the key of C. 

With practice, you can learn to control the embouchure to play louder, softer, and with greater musical expression.  Please see our Pro Whistles Page

Professional Model Fifes in C

Professional Fife in C
New!  Professional model C fifes in Solid Rosewood and Blackwood

Professional Model Fifes in C

Fife Cases

Recommended Soft Case

Professional Fife Case
Fits D or C whistles and fifes. These fifes, which have a cork joint lining, should be stored DISASSEMBLED. The case will hold a whistle, a swab, and a tube of cork grease.