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Irish Flutes

More Fifes - Band Flutes - Small Folk Flutes

In the USA these small folk flutes would usually be called "Fifes" but in the British Isles, Ireland, and much of Europe, just "Band Flutes" or small "Folk Flutes".

Camp Fifes

Camp Fifes

Camp Fife in D

Rosewood Camp Fife - $150.00

One-piece D fife at A-440 in Rosewood with brass ferrules.  This is ideal for playing mainly in D or G with other instruments - banjos, fiddles, guitars - around the campfire after a day of hiking or re-enacting.  Similar to our Renaissance fife,  but with excellent octave registration.   Very easy, strong low and middle octaves.  

Fifes for Folk Music

Folk Fifes - Keys of A, G, F
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'A' Fifes

Good for certain tunes in "A" which do not fit nicely the range of the "D" fifes and flutes, such as "Miller's Reel", "Big John McNeil" and "Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston".

'G' Fifes

'F' Fifes

With sterling silver rings in Rosewood or African Blackwood

Known as "Band Flutes" in England and Ireland, these fifes are especially suited for playing Irish and other folk music in bands and sessions, with their strong, easy blowing low register.  Their conical bore has been designed for perfect intonation and delightful tone quality.

'C' & 'D' Fifes

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'"Bb' Fifes

For playing fiddle tunes in Bb or Eb. 
See our M-2 fifes under "Military Fifes