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Susato Kildare Model Pennywhistles

Susato Kildare Whistles
Susato Pennywhistle

Tunable, Two-Piece.  New Oriole Models below!

Susato Kildare Pennywhistles

"V" model- Very Small Bore

Regular model - Small Bore

Medium Bore

Large Bore

Keyed Whistles

Whistles with keys which make for such an easy reach that anyone can play them! 1-key whistles make the lowest note easier,2-key whistles make both the lowest note AND the G-note (left hand) an easier reach.


Susato Pennywhistles are made of high impact ABS, a quality plastic particularly suited for musical instruments. All models include a case, snap off adjustable thumb rest, and are tunable. "V" models are 'very small bore' for sweeter tone quality

Susato Oriole Model Pennywhistles

Tunable! Low Cost!

Susato Oriole Whistles
Single Complete Whistles

Susato Whistles - Economy Set
Susato Oriole Model Economy Set

Susato Oriole Pennywhistles

Available as single complete whistle, includes pouch, thumb rest, and fingering chart


Susato Oriole Economy Set

Includes 1 interchangeable head, 4 bodies, one for each key, 4 thumb rests, 1 fingering chart, 4 vinyl pouches, 1 tube joint grease 


New interchangeable head section design fits four different bodies for playing in Eb, D, C or Bb! Available as single complete whistles in any of those keys, or an Economy Set of one head, and all 4 bodies, all with adjustable thumb rests, fingering chart and vinyl pouch. 

Generation Tin Whistles

We are sorry to say that we will be discontinuing the Generation whistles when present stock is gone. We are already out of the D's, and the complete sets. As long as they last, prices for single whistles in any key will be $11.00 (a 25% reduction). Instead we suggest the Susato "Oriole" models above.

Generation Tin Whistles
Generation Tin Whistles

Generation Tin Whistles


Note: Generation whistles are not tunable.  If you are going to be playing with other people who may be playing other instruments,  or other makes of whistles, you really need a tunable whistle,  such as the Susato "Kildare"  or "Oriole"  models (above) ,  or, of course,  any of the "Sweetheart " whistles