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Irish Flutes

Irish Flutes for Sale - Great for Beginners & Experts!

Improved “Resonance” Model Keyless Flute in D

Rsonance model Irish Wooden Flute - Blackwood
Resonance Model Flute, Blackwood with Silver rings
Irish wooden Flute - Rosewood
Resonance Model Flute, Rosewood

Maple Irish Flute
New! Budget Maple Flute

Endorsement for Sweetheart's Resonance Model Irish Flute:

It has been about a month since my new flute and low whistle arrived. You were right, I really like the whistle.

As your site says, 'It really honks'. The flute is exquisite. It is clear and responsive and the jump between octaves is smooth.... I told my wife, "Well, if you hear bad music now, I can't blame the flute."

My search for the sound I wanted is over. Thanks for the quality product.
Jim Chism, Illinois.

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Resonance Model Flute


The new improved “Resonance” model flute really honks on low D for that classic, wooden-flute tone that’s rich in harmonics. 

After a great deal of experimentation and interaction with flute players to better understand what they were looking for, this flute now has an improved embouchure,  enhanced design of undercutting of tone holes, and a relief cut on the far side of the embouchure all contribute to better response, and ease of producing that special “Irish” sound!

Irish Resonance Model Flute Sound SamplesProfessional Pennywhistle Sample
  • "John Reid's" played by Jonathan Warner on our blackwood Resonance Model Irish Flute

Perfect for Irish music.  Suitable for beginner and expert alike.

Available in color-matched Honduras Rosewood, or Mopane as available, OR African Blackwood, all with three sterling silver rings and an end cap.  Beautiful low-maintenance tung oil finish (like our Professional model whistles and fifes).      

New "Budget" Maple Flute
This new model includes all the best features of the Resonance models, but eliminates many of the non-essential details to cut the expense of a real wooden flute without losing any of the playing qualities. Some examples are: turned-on wooden rings instead of metal, no end-cap, and less expensive wood.  

Other Keyless Irish Flutes

Irish Flute Sound SamplesProfessional Pennywhistle Sample

Keyless Irish Flutes in C

In 2 sections, without case.

Other North American Hardwood choices sometimes available, please inquire.

Our Celtic Flutes, Irish Flutes, Classical Flutes - whatever you choose to call them, are modeled after the best hand-crafted English flutes which caused women to faint when played by Charles Nicholson or R.S. Pratten in the early 19th century, and today are highly prized by players of Irish Music.

For modern Boehm flute players who play what they call "C" flutes:  In Irish Style flutes,  the key you need for playing Irish music is call the "D"  flute by Irish, Folk, and Fife & Drum players.

These "Irish" models are preferred for jigs, reels, and other Irish and Contra Dance music. Larger tone holes and different bore provide greater power and superb intonation in the most-used keys of D, G, and A. The lower register is especially full bodied. Turned wood rings.


Padded Case

Padded Flute Case

soft Flute Case for keyless flutes
Heavily padded Nylon with Velcro for keyless and 1-key flutes in D, Eb, or C. (Sorry but we can not furnish hard cases for the keyless or 1-key flutes)
Padded Flute Case - $49