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Irish Flutes

Low Whistle

“Resonance” Model Low D Pennywhistle

Low D Irish Whistle
Low D Irish Whistle Sound SamplesProfessional Pennywhistle Sample

Resonance Model Low Whistle


Padded Case

Heavily padded Nylon with Velcro
Padded Low Whistle Case - $59   

Perfect for Irish Music.
Suitable for beginner and expert alike.
Has a beautiful, long-lasting, low-maintenance finish (like its little brother, the Professional Model Pennywhistle in High D).

The new “Resonance” Model Pennywhistle finally combines traditional whistling with that classic, wooden-flute tone that’s rich in harmonics. For the best performance, it has a conical bore and undercut finger holes. The windway is curved to reduce clogging.. Holes #3 and #6 are offset to shorten the reach and make this whistle more comfortable to hold than most other whistles. A=440, great intonation with good resonance to low D, while being gentle and clear in the 2nd register. Medium-sized holes, laser engraving, internal cork at the joint, and adjustable thumb rest. Two years in the making, designed by Walt Sweet.