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Irish Flutes

Fifes for Drum Corps, Flute Bands,
and Reenacting

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Sweetheart Flute Company crafts military fifes, french fifes and other fifes for sale to complete your collection or your folk music group. Hand-crafted, authentic fifes bring traditional music to life and complete drum corps routines with a genuine sound. We carefully select all materials and craft each fife and drum corps instrument to give you a crystal-clear, harmonious sound.

For drum corps and reenactments, our military fifes provide the perfect pitch for the song. The fife may be used for folk bands specializing in Celtic or Appalachian folk music, or military marching music from the Colonial era. With modern materials coupled with expert craftsmanship, the fife and drum corps instrument is reproduced with more durability and a greater range of sound. Depending on the pitch you are looking for, you may prefer french fifes, military fifes, or other models.

Take a look at the fifes available and see the specifications to learn more. For more information on any item, contact Sweetheart Flute Company.

New Improved M-1 Fifes

M1 Blackwood Fife
African Blackwood M-1 fife

Improved M-1 Fife

This redesign of the M-1 fife has incorporated many improvements that we have already made to our
Professional fifes in D and C.

Enfield Model Fife

The Sweetheart Enfield Fife Kicks Butt!
Enfield Military Fife
Enfield Fife, 15-5/8" (400mm) overall (Click for Detail)
Enfield Fife Sound SamplesProfessional Pennywhistle Sample
  • Some notes from the scale

  • "Corn Cob Clog" played by Walt Sweet

  • "Mountain Dew", played by Bill Hart (6-hole) and Rachel Sexton (10-hole).
  • "Ragtime Annie", both parts played by Walt Sweet
  • "Brandywine Quickstep" played by Walt, Rachel and Bill

Enfield Model Fife in Bb

The new Enfield Model is our flagship of drum corps fifes. With classic conical bore, the projection and intonation are superb. Undercut fingerholes and a precision-cut blowhole mean smooth, fast and clear playing, on the parade route or in concert. The stainless-steel tuning barrel has a long tuning slide; this slides into the head’s brass receiver for years of free action. A high-performance fife at a competitive price, designed by fifer Walt Sweet.

Enfield, Dissasembled for Storage
Enfield Fife, Properly Disassembled for Storage. Keeping the barrel with the head relaxes the cork and ensures continued protection of the the tuning slide
Enfield Fife showing Blowhole Cutaway and Metal Tuning Barrel.
Enfield Fife showing Blowhole Cutaway and Metal Tuning Barrel.
Note the brass receiver in the head (Click for detail)
Enfield, Dissasembled for Storage
The upper view shows holes that are drilled straight in as on a simple fife.
The lower view shows Enfield's toneholes, shaped with a profile cutter for the best tone and response, as on the finest instruments. (click for detail)

More Info about our Enfield Model

French Fife

Especially for French re-enactment groups, the design for our new French model fife was taken from measurements of a Napoleonic Era fife in a private collection in Paris, then slightly "tweaked" for the 20th century ear.

This fife is ideal for a late 18th/early 19th century European impression. Key of D with the intent of playing in the 2nd and 3rd registers, as were all historic fifes. Blackwood with brass ferrules.

French Military Fife for Re-enactment

French Fife in D

Fife & Drum Colonial style Military Fifes

M2 Model Fife, Cloos Fife, Colonial Fife

Fife Sound SamplesSOUND Samples
  • Cloos Fife: "The Girl I Left Behind Me," played by Walt Sweet
  • Model M1 Fife: "Old Saybrook," played by Walt Sweet
  • Suffield Fife: "Turkey in the Straw," played by Walt Sweet
  • Drum Corps Fife Sample from "Complete Music for Fife & Drum" CD by Walter D. Sweet.

Colonial Fife in "C"

Based on a Klemm fife at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; holes sized and spaced for accurate intonation. An authentic Revolutionary period fife, with brass ferrules and high, bright, tone.
Note: this was the most common pitch at that period. However, today, fifes in Bb are the most common.

Colonial Fife in "Bb"

Same revolutionary period styling as above, but in Bb, the most popular key today in reenactments, Fife & Drum Corps, etc.

"Cloos" Reproduction in Bb

Our most popular fife, with nickel-silver ferrules and especially easy 3rd register. This is the most traditional drum-corps fife, authentic for the Civil War period.

M-2 Model Fife

Same basic design as the M-1 model, but larger bore to get even stronger low register for harmony parts. Great for fiddle tunes in Bb or Eb. Will reach high B in 3rd octave. This model is tuned to A-440, and is best for playing with other instruments in a dance band

Plastic Bb Fife

(Not Shown)
Made for Sweetheart Flute Co. and suggested for Beginners



Our military fifes play easily up to high B in the third register (even up to the D beyond that) and are authentic for Civil War or Revolutionary War re-enactments. The Cloos model was the most popular fife from Civil War times until mid 20th century, and the Colonial model is inspired by several fifes from that period in our collection.

Fife & Drum Information: Click on Bob Castillo's website for complete world-wide information on Fife and Drum Corps, contacts, events, instrument makers, etc.

Padded Fife Cases

2 Piece Padded Case

Padded 2pc Fife case
Heavily padded case for all 2-piece fifes. Flap has Velcro. Two belt loops in back. 5" x 11-1/2" high.

Padded Case for 2pc - $49

1 Piece Padded Case

Padded  Fife case
Heavily padded case for all 1-piece fifes. Flap has Velcro. Belt loop in back. 2-1/2" x 18" high.

Padded Case for 1pc - $39