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Better, Stronger, Faster
Bill Hart

Fife exercise book by Bill Hart,  well-known fifer and teacher of many Fife and Drum Corps.  Use this book and be a better fifer

Better, Stronger, Faster

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Smoke in Your Eyes Irish Session Book
Smoke in Your Eyes
Irish Session Tune Book

Collected at Seattle WA sessions over a period of 16 years, this compilation by Kevin Gow (flute & whistle player) contains over 700 mostly Irish tunes, with chords in this latest edition. Very nicely done with a complete index, and several indices by categories - Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Slip Jigs, Polkas, Slides and Set Dances. Over 270 pages! (shipping included)

Smoke in Your Eyes
Irish Session Tune Book

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Smoke in Your Eyes Irish Session Book
Whistles In Duet
Pipeaux en Duo

21 tunes selected from various traditions and some original,   by whistle/fife/flute maker and musician Joseph Morneault with harmony parts and comments in both English and French.

Whistles In Duet
'Pipeaux en Duo'

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Smoke in Your Eyes Irish Session Book

Celtic Wooden Flute, First Lesson, with Ryan Thomson
Ryan Thompson, also known as 'Captain Fiddle' - has been playing Celtic flute for almost as long as he has been playing and teaching fiddle, banjo, and other instruments. One of the easiest and most fun ways to get started on Celtic flute or whistle!

Ryan Thomson demonstrates breathing and fingering techniques for those new to celtic flute, including both beginners and those with experience in other styles of flute playing (classical, metal flute, etc.) A wooden flute(keyless or keyed) in the standard key of D is required. Simple scales and ornaments in two octaves are taught along with 5 celtic (Irish) tunes in all of the major dance styles: jig, reel, hornpipe, slide, and polka. The DVD is 40 minutes long, ISBN 0-931877-55-5

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Celtic Wooden Flute Lesson with Ryan Thomson

Pennywhistle:  First Lesson with Ryan Thomson

This first lesson is designed for beginners with little or no experience with pennywhistle or any other woodwind instrument - playing.  No music reading ability is required.   "Pennywhistle"  or "tin whistle"  are different names for the same instrument and one in the key of "D" is required for this course.  Ryan patiently teaches a basic scale and several celtic tunes, including a waltz,  hornpipe,  reel,  a march, and polka.  The basics of fingering and breathing are carefully explained and demonstrated.

Pennywhistle:  First Lesson with Ryan Thomson DVD

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Pennywhistle: first Lesson with Ryan

The Low Whistle Book by Hannigan & Ledsam

Includes CD. All you need to know about how to play the low whistle: ornamentation, history and fantastic tunes. 113 pages.

The Low Whistle Book
Book + CD

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The Low Whistle Book

Easy Peasy Tunes/ by Dave Mallinson

Includes CD. 101 simple but interesting tunes for absolute beginners and novices. The soundtrack is played by "Mally" on button accordion (melodeon), with guitar accompaniment. $29.00

Easy Peasy Tunes
Book + CD

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Easy Peasy Tunes

Mel Bay's Complete Irish Tin Whistle Book by Mizzy McCaskill & Dona Gilliam,

Includes CD. Ornamentation taught in easy-to-follow form, pictured under the musical score. Excellent. 144 pages.

Mel Bay's Complete Irish Tin Whistle Book
Book + CD

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Complete Irish Tin Whistle Book

Antiquities of Scottish Music by McCaskill & Gilliam,

Includes CD. Some ornamentation. Includes guitar chords and separate music for piano accompaniment.

Antiquities of Scottish Music
Book + CD

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Antiquities of Scottish Music
The Fifer's Delight by Ralph Sweet:
Fingering, graded instruction for fife, flute, whistle, or flageolette, plus over 330 tunes, complete with guitar/piano chord symbols for accompaniment. Excellent for any concert pitch instrument; used by many fiddlers, dance bands, and drum corps, 8.5 x 11, 81 pages.
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the Fifer's Delight music book
The Fifer's Delightful Companion by Carol Greenfield:
A collection of harmony parts written to complement The Fifer's Delight, plus a few additional tunes and Christmas carols in two or three parts. Great for adding harmony to a corps, or playing duets with friends; can be adapted to many different instrumental combinations!
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Both Fifer's Delight
and Fifer's Delight Companion
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The Fifers Delightful Companion music book
The Pipe and Tabor Tutor by Dick Bagwell: An excellent self-teaching method, including CD and tune book of 61 pages.
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Prior Edition: Pipe & Tabor Tutor with Cassette   $11.00 Order button


The Pipe and Tabor Tutor book

Tabor Pipe Companion by George Kelischek. Method and tunes for playing 3-hole Tabor Pipes
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Tabor Pipe Companion
Tune Book II by George Kelischek: 104 tunes one-octave tunes for the Tabor Pipes, Ocarinas, Recorders, etc.
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Tune Book II - for Tabor Pipes, Ocarinas, Recorders
Irish Tin Whistle Instruction & song book by Patrick Conway.
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Irish Tin Whistle tune book
A Practical and Tuneful Method for the Baroque Flute by Peter H. Bloom: a beautifully written, complete method for Baroque flute playing which should give any flutist a thorough background in this delightful style.
A Practical and Tuneful Method
for the Baroque Flute
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Baroque Flute music method

Sound Sample from Complete Music for Fife & DrumProfessional Pennywhistle Sample
  • Drum Corps Fife Sample
Complete Music for Fife & Drum
by Walter D. Sweet.

This is the Mel Bay edition of Walt Sweet's "Jamming"  book above.  It is the same except that this version adds the sticking for the drum parts,  and a different cover.  It can be fully opened flat without the pages falling out!

Now only available in the new "M / Online Audio" version.  The music book is the same as always  but the music now is only accessible online. Listen at any time,  or download all the music into your own computer, and listen and/or burn your own CD if you wish. 

Complete Music for Fife & Drum
Book & Online Audio  

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Fife and Drum music book
A School for the Flute by Charles Nicholson (facsimile of 1836 edition, pub. by Peter H. Bloom.) Nicholson was the most famous flutist of his day and invented the large-hole flute which became the most sought-after 'Irish' style flute of today, as made by master makers such as Prowse, Rudall & Rose, and later, Boosey (Pratten Model)
A School for Flute - Vol. I & Vol. II Combined $25.00 Order button
School for Flute Music book