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I received my Low D whistle from you today, and I wanted to thank you. This is absolutely the best Low D that I have ever played, and I own several including an Overton and a Copeland. I've never been comfortable with the piper's grip, but my hands are large enough that I can handle most low whistles without it-- even if it's a bit of a stretch sometimes. Your "Easy Reach" design, however, makes it absolutely effortless to play with my "normal" whistle grip. And the sound! The warmth and resonance of this whistle are astounding. I had a couple of other websites bookmarked in what I thought was a never-ending search for the perfect low whistle. I've deleted them from my "Favorites" list. I've found my whistle. (My wife will be forever grateful)


-- W. David Craig, Fort Yukon, Alaska
(Mr Craig is an elementary school music teacher who is teaching his students WHISTLE ! )


So, now I've done it. I just bought my first "real" whistle.

Up 'til now, my few whistles have all been the under-ten-dollar variety, and have served their purpose well. However, I suddenly found myself with a surplus in the instrument cash department, and I was at the Sweetheart Flute Company shop, and these pretty little black whistles were calling my name.

I think I'm in love. I never knew that I (a pretty good fifer and a fair fluter) could make a whistle sound so pretty. I'm not enough of an expert to give as detailed and accurate a review as was presented here recently (see thread), but I recommend it highly to anyone who wants an indestructible, beautiful sounding whistle.

-- Chris Myers, Rhode Island

It has been about a month since my new flute and low whistle arrived. You were right, I really like the whistle.

As your site says, 'It really honks'. The flute is exquisite. It is clear and responsive and the jump between octaves is smooth. It took a couple of weeks to adjust to the finger placement as opposed to my large-holed, six key, but the transition was smooth. I soloed in church last Sunday in front of over three hundred people playing 'Holy, Holy, Holy'. The wires in the grand piano next to me vibrated note for note from the resonance as if it were my own personal accompanist. When it was over, you could hear a pin drop. Most of them had never seen nor heard an Irish flute. I received many compliments after the service. I told my wife, "Well, if you hear bad music now, I can't blame the flute."

My search for the sound I wanted is over. Thanks for the quality product.

Jim Chism, Illinois.
Jim plays solo, in the church orchestra, and will be playing with his own traditional Irish band soon.

[About the Firth-Pond Model 8-key flute] I've received the flute, and it's a work of art!!!   My God the sound is stunning.  thank You so much,  it plays like a dream.  The guys in my band practically worship it - thank you so much,  it's fantastic!! 

Sarah Calderwood
of the band  "Sunas Celtic Band",  www.sunasband.com, Australia

[Your low D whistle in dymondwood is] just a gorgeous instrument. Visually beautiful, lovely, lovely tone, and tuning that's dead-on. Perfectly balanced across the range. What more could one want? Your Low D is, I think, the finest I've ever played. Congratulations.

Dale Wisely

The D whistle came today. It's the best pennywhistle I've ever played. It has an even response throughout its range and the low register is strong. Thanks for the time you took designing and making it, and thank you for getting it to me so quickly.

Richard Stillman
www.richardstillman.com, of the band "Ceili Country", New York City


I just today got the new Sweetheart Professional Model in D. This whistle is definitely a whistle, not a recorder: highly responsive throughout its range, beautiful clear tone, strong in the bottom range, and good volume. Shifting between octaves is excellent and breath requirements are very low. It seems to have a nice singing quality to its sound. I went with another Sweetheart after all these years because I like the excellent intonation you get with a conical bore. Nice on airs, very easy to play fast tunes with lots of ornamentation.

It's a new design by Walt Sweet, Ralph's son. The whistle is made of northern birch laminate and comes in two parts, so it's very easy to tune the instrument effectively. It has a very nice cork-lined joint that is easy to work but is also quite airtight. The windway stays clear of condensation.

For comparison, I've mostly played [other well-known makes], but I like the new Sweetheart Professional Model a ton.

Mark Wauck

I am in love with the 8-key Firth-Pond style flute you made for me. Tonight at the gig, I had the choice between my Sweetheart and my old trusty (well-known make). After tormenting myself in the studio with the electronic tuner for an afternoon, my choice was clear: ALL of the flutes you have made for me are so much easier to play in tune!

I have played the flute at several tune sessions. Compared to my 6-key (well-known make), I think your flute is excellent. Intonation is tough on that (other flute), no matter how you play it (rolled in, rolled out, focused or full blown). Yours, on the other hand, plays in tune even when I am pushing the limits.

Danny Rouch
Danny plays this flute in his band, "Ptarmigan," in Kyle, TX

I wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying my whistle. I purchased a "Professional Model" last month. The instrument plays like a dream. You are right in saying it rolls through the octaves with ease, and what a rich sound. I want to commend you on your quality of workmanship, and the delivery was extremely quick as well. I am really happy to have this whistle, and it was worth every penny. (I got the laminate model, and you are right, it really looks great as well). Thanks again for producing such a great instrument.

Dennis Theis, California

I bought one of your six key blackwood flutes about three years ago. I would just like to tell you how much I have been enjoying your product. The flute plays extremely well. It cuts through the group in the sessions very well. I have recently entered the recording studio. I have been very impressed with the quality of sound I am getting in the studio. I forgot to mention that I have a student that is also the proud owner of a Ralph Sweet flute, too. She loves it.

Brian Coughlin, New York
Brian plays this flute in his band, "Tullamore Celtic Band" in Rochester. Watch for his new CD, with sound samples on this site.

My wife just gave me one of your new Professional whistles. Wow! I've played [6 well-known makes] and others, but this one is TOPS! Great sound. Nice and loud. Not shrieking. It's everything I need for the (fairly loud) acoustic session I play at. Good job. A gal last night described the whistle as having "presence". That's the right word.

Tom Muckian, Texas
Tom plays this whistle in his band, "F-Troupe" in Dallas

I play regularly in town here, and since becoming accustomed to the sweet, rich tone of my Sweetheart whistle, I've forced my cheaper instruments into an early retirement.

Charlene Wilson, Yukon Territory, Canada

Thank you for a good flute; I received it a few days ago and am very pleased with it. Thank you very, very much!

Naomi Mikami, Japan

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