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Irish Flutes

Wooden Irish Whistles

The sweet sound of a flute is like no other, hitting octaves high and low to produce a melody that is both beautiful and harmonious. However, there are numerous flutes to choose from, each carrying certain characteristics that appeal to different types of musical taste. To choose one is not always simple, but with Sweetheart Flute Company, you’ll be offered the best flutes out there at low, reasonable prices!

Variously known as whistles, pennywhistles, or flageolets (in France and Quebec), our wooden whistles have a fuller, mellower tone than tin whistles, with a range of two octaves from D to high D and beyond, with perfect intonation. Flutes in the key of C are also available.

Our wide range of flutes includes; Irish high whistles, wooden Irish whistles, Blackwood whistles, and Rosewood whistles.

It’s correct to say that every player has their whistle, but choosing the perfect one is a process that can prove to be difficult. That is why we encourage our customers to ask our experienced staff any questions they may have regarding preferences or musical tastes. By doing so, we’ll be better able to place you with the proper flute you need.

For more information on our flutes, contact Sweetheart Flute Company today!

D Whistles in solid wood

Wood Irish Whistles in Blackwood and Rosewood
High D whistles in Blackwood and Rosewood

June 21, 2010:
"I just received my Rosewood High D Whistle and it is FANTASTIC! The tone is smooth and pure throughout its entire range and it is a very lovely instrument. Thank you so very much, this is so much better than any other whistle I've ever played"
Sincerely, Fred Randles, Canton, Ohio
D Whistle Sound SampleProfessional Pennywhistle Sample
  • Nicole O'Toole playing our latest model D whistle along with the Metropolitan Wind Symphony.
    'At Kitty O'Shea's by Johann DeMeij

D Whistles in solid wood

Our new high D whistles in solid rosewood and blackwood,  to replace our laminated wood whistles, are now ready.  The two brass rings reinforce the socket and  the foot end;  the O-rings are for tuning. The joint is sealed with internal cork.

C Whistles in solid wood

C Whistles in Blackwood and Rosewood
New model C whistle of solid rosewood and blackwood,with two brass rings, to reinforce the socket and foot end.

C Whistle Sound SampleProfessional Pennywhistle Sample
  • Krikpatrick Fanfare opening

C Whistles in solid wood


Whistle Cases

Recommended Soft Case

Soft Whistle Case
Fits D or C whistles. These whistles, which have a cork joint lining,should be stored DISASSEMBLED. The case will hold a whistle, a swab, and a tube of cork grease.