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Irish Flutes

Wooden Irish Whistles

Variously known as whistles, pennywhistles, or flageolets (in France and Quebec),
our wooden whistles have a fuller, mellower tone than tin whistles,
with a range of two octaves from D to high D and beyond, with perfect intonation.
Also available in the key of C

D Whistles in solid wood

Wood Irish Whistles in Blackwood and Rosewood
High D whistles in Blackwood and Rosewood

June 21, 2010:
"I just received my Rosewood High D Whistle and it is FANTASTIC! The tone is smooth and pure throughout its entire range and it is a very lovely instrument. Thank you so very much, this is so much better than any other whistle I've ever played"
Sincerely, Fred Randles, Canton, Ohio
D Whistle Sound SampleProfessional Pennywhistle Sample
  • Nicole O'Toole playing our latest model D whistle along with the Metropolitan Wind Symphony.
    'At Kitty O'Shea's by Johann DeMeij

D Whistles in solid wood

Our new high D whistles in solid rosewood and blackwood,  to replace our laminated wood whistles, are now ready.  The two brass rings reinforce the socket and  the foot end;  the O-rings are for tuning. The joint is sealed with internal cork.

A “TRIO” is a three-piece set containing one body, one whistle head and one fife head.  With this set, you can play either way.

C Whistles in solid wood

C Whistles in Blackwood and Rosewood
New model C whistle of solid rosewood and blackwood,with two brass rings, to reinforce the socket and foot end.

C Whistle Sound SampleProfessional Pennywhistle Sample
  • Krikpatrick Fanfare opening

C Whistles in solid wood


Whistle Cases

Recommended Soft Case

Soft Whistle Case
Fits D or C whistles. These whistles, which have a cork joint lining,should be stored DISASSEMBLED. The case will hold a whistle, a swab, and a tube of cork grease.

Case for TRIOs

Similar to regular whistle case but with 3 pockets. Includes cork grease and cleaning brush

Case for TRIOs - $35